21st Feb

Best Low Light Indoor Plants

6th Feb

How to transition your plants to Lechuza Pon

3rd Jan

How to tell the difference between Philodendron White Princess, White Wizard and White Knight

2nd Jan

Deciding on your grow lights set-up: Dos and Don'ts

25th Oct

What soil mix to use for different plant types

16th Jun

How to plant and care for Caladium bulbs

I’m sure seeing so many beautiful and colourful Caladium images over Instagram has made you buy few (or 10) bulbs to add to your indoor jungle. These exotic looking plants stunning foliage and are very easy to grow both indoor and outdoors (if you live in a climate that supports this).

19th Apr

SOS: How to deal with rotten roots and save your plants

Root rot it’s a common occurrence in plants unfortunately and I’m sure we’ve all experienced it at least once.

8th Jan

How To Feed Your Houseplants: Fertilising Basics And How & When To Use it

If you want your plants to love you back and reward you with lush foliage, learn when and how to fertilise your indoor plants.

16th Feb

Shake up your life: become a plant parent

I started being into plants in 2018 when a friend asked me to plant sit her plants...