Shake up your life: become a plant parent

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I started being into plants in 2018 when a friend asked me to plant sit her plants while she and her partner were renovating their house. I happily agreed while thinking how am I going to manage not to kill any of her precious plants.

Chapter 1 in Plant Crash Course:

There is an App for everything I was so scared of killing the plants I started researching websites for plant care. there were way to many out there with bits of info so then I moved into finding some apps to help me. So I've found few of them that lets so search their database of plants and shortlist your favourites in your profile to check later.

Chapter 2 in Plant Crash Course:

I had few fails but I learned from them. And for any plants you lose, you get the chance to buy another one.

Chapter 3 in Plant Crash Course: Find a community

I was also lucky enough to find an amazing plant community on Instagram. Oh my God these gals and boys are so knowledgable and happy to help a plant parent in need. I will share some of my favourite accounts in a different article.

Chapter 4 in Plant Crash Course: Buy more plants

And if you've succeeded so far why not buy more plants and build yourself an indoor jungle.