Plant styling 101: Where to buy plant pots that complement your home decor

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Planters have long stopped being just a utilitarian object for your plants and have transformed into beautiful decorations in our homes while still fulfilling your plants’ needs.

Ever since I’ve started collecting plants it has been a bit of a struggle to keep my plants healthy and happy while displaying them in a way that fitted with the rest of the decor and styling of our flat.

IMG 2549
IMG 2545

While we don’t live in a designer flat we have loved decorating our home in a minimal and industrial way. We have a lot of metal and dark wood furniture, cement and metal decorations leather upholstery. So when I started buying and styling my plants I wanted to get cement/ concrete or metal planters to go with the rest of the decor. Easier said than done.

Finding the planters I wanted proved fairly difficult when you’re trying not to break the bank. So here is where and how I have found few of my planters.

I buy plant pots from wherever I can find them really. The vast majority of concrete pots are from Amazon but I discovered them on Patch Plants originally. The ones below are the ones I'm talking about. Bought my very first ones from Patch Plants when I started buying my very first plants and I loved them because they fit perfectly in the flat. So when I needed more I started google searching 'cement planters' in the hope I can find cheaper ones. And in fact I did find them on Amazon, sold as a pair in few different shapes and either charcoal grey or light grey. All I'll say on this is that the only downside is that Amazon only sells the smaller versions so when I needed the bigger ones (20-22cm wide) I went back and bought them from Patch Plants

Charcoal Straight Planter -

Light Grey Tapered Planter -

Light Grey Straight Planter -

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The ones below were also a discovery as a result of buying (more) plants. Found them on Little Botanical when I bought my very first Monstera Deliciosa in 2018. Back then the sizes were limited but now they do large and extra large pots too.

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One of the cutest cement planter I have came from Tiipoi as a gift. It's in the form of a water tower and the design was inspired by structures found in India. They also do other cement decorations and really cool cookware.

This water tower planter now resides on my husband's desk alongside his other cement small decorations. Match made in heaven haha.

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I have also found some really great planters on eBay if you have the patience of scrolling though endless listings. My favourite one is this geometrical cement planter that I got for my beautiful ZZ Raven. The other geometrical pot it's from eBay also and comes in few different size; I also have the smaller version that comes on a tray which I use for propagating cuttings in moss.

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When it comes to my metal planters and stand they all pretty much came from I usually buy them during Sale season because they discount pretty heavily. I like shopping for bargains whenever possible. The only downside with metal plant pots is rust. Water will inevitably get inside the pots which will cause the bottoms to rust on the inside.

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I also own few terracotta pots I usually find in local garden centres. The light coloured ones are not my cup of tea but these dark grey ones I love. I keep terracotta pots around and use them for plants that are struggling with root rot because terracotta absorbs the water in the mix so that the roots don't sit in moist soil for too long. Just my plant hack to deal with root rot.

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And for the sake of variety I own few coloured pots too. These are glazed ceramic pots that I usually buy from Patch Plants again. My favourite ones are the mint and cream ones from below but they also have them in a beautiful blue colour.

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This are all my favourite planters collected from a cross the web. I am always on the look for cool new plants accessories so will keep on posting new ones as I find them.