Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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The hunt for grow lights started when the autumn started approaching fast and I realised I needed to be able to supply my house plants with enough light until spring comes.

I have tried few different ones, which I’ll cover below, but first lets start with the basics.

What are grow lights?

Grow lights or plant lights are artificial light sources created to stimulate plant growth by sending enough light to create photosynthesis.

The reason lots of people use grow lights is to supplement light during winter or with new seedlings.

There are few different types of grow lights:

  • Red spectrum: promote the photosynthesis, growth, blooming and the synthesis of chlorophyll.
  • Blue spectrum: has a strong effect on the growth and plays a role in plants phototropism.
  • Full Spectrum: overall plant growth and flowering (PS: sunlight is considered full spectrum)

A usual good pick for most uses is a lamp that has a good mix of red, blue and also white. The reason for that is that your plants need all of the above benefits when they cannot benefit of natural light.


Here are some of the ones I’ve tried so far:

LED Plant Grow Light, 10W (48 LED) Full Spectrum Clip Lamp

This was the very first grow light I purchased. When I got it I was looking for something affordable to test on my plants.


  • Full spectrum
  • This light lamp worked well and really helped my plants look healthy
  • It plugs in any usb ports or sockets
  • Has a clamp so you can attach it to pretty much any tables or shelves


  • Small heads and covers small areas
  • Not very tall so if you have tall plants might not work
  • Stopped working after 3 months

RINBO Led grow lights, 18W 36LEDs Plant lights, Red/Blue Spectrum


  • Covers a much larger area as the heads are thin and long
  • Plants seem very happy
  • USB plug and clamp


  • Stopped working again after about 3 months

20W LED Plant Grow Light, 40 LED Chips Full Spectrum Dual Head Plant Lamp

These are not available to buy anymore but have been some of the better ones I bought.


  • Full spectrum
  • Covers a much larger area as the heads are thin and long
  • Plants seem very happy
  • USB plug and clamp


  • Can't find it anywhere anymore :(

Relassy Grow Lamp, 45W Full Spectrum Plant Light 88 LED Grow Light, Dual E27 Replacement Bulbs

These ones were my favourite ones for a very long time. I still use them (I have a varied selection of grow lights currently in use) and my plants seems to thriving during darker and colder months with the extra light.


  • My plants super happy when I provide the extra light. Bigger and greener leaves, lots of new growth (my fiddle leaf fid went crazy and started unfurling new leaves pretty much every other week)
  • Covers an even bigger area than my other ones.
  • Regular plug and clamps on surfaces


  • A bit pricey :(

VÄXER LED bulb for cultivation E27, 10 W

I've kept my favourite one for the last. These are my favourite because of price to be honest.


  • Basically all of the above benefits when it comes to plants, plus:
  • Covers an even bigger area than my other ones due to the shape of the bulb.
  • You can fit the light bulbs in your normal lamp which I find easier as I don't have to have lots or smaller lamps everywhere.
  • They are cheap (£10 per bulb)


  • Haven't found any yet.

VÄXER LED cultivation light bar

These are very similar to the ones above but they come as a stripe/bar. I really love these as they are more suitable for lower shelves. I have few of these in my greenhouse for the plants sitting on the lower space.


  • Basically all of the above benefits when it comes to plants haha


  • Cost. Bit pricey if you need few of them

The reason I wouldn't do without them during autumn/winter is:

  • I've had one leaf dropping the whole autumn and winter and that was because I was away and my grow lights were off for that period.
  • So much growth during colder months. My plants haven't been dormant.