ZZ Raven Plant Care

Family: AraceaeBotanical name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia Raven Cultivar

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This type of Zamioculcas is pretty new having been 'born' only in the summer of 2017. There are few other varieties in nurseries, but what sets the ZZ Raven aside is the fact that it can survive in low light.

Like many other house plants, this indoor plant can improve the quality of air in your house or flat. It has also been found that the Zamioculcas Raven can remove carcinogens, such as Benzene.

ZZ plants are poisonous so keep away from children and pets.


Does best in bright indirect light but can tolerate pretty deep shade.


Give your ZZ Raven a good soak every 7-10 days in the spring and summer and once every month in the winter.

Do not allow plant to sit in water as this may lead to root rot.


Feed with a slow release or organic fertilizer during summer months.

Moisture level