Rubber Plant Care

Family: MoraceaeBotanical name: Ficus elastica

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Rubber Plant or Ficus Elastica has been the first ever plant I bought. It's always been a massive low maintenance plant for me and being in such a big pot has meant it doesn't need watered as often as it holds moisture for much longer.

The Rubber Plant has a striking foliage that needs wiped every now and then in order for the leaves to absorb light better.


Rubber plants do best in bright indirect light, away from strong drafts or wind.


Water your rubber plant every 7 days in the spring and summer months and once every 14 days or so in the autumn and winter.

Do not allow plant to sit in water as this may lead to root rot. The leaves will turn yellow from under-water and even healthy leaves may fall off from over-watering.


Feed with a slow release or organic fertilizer formulated for houseplants.

Moisture level