Jewel Orchids Plant Care

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Jewel Orchids are my absolute favourite flowering plants. I really wish I could have a living wall with lots of different varieties growing big and beautiful.

Jewel Orchids come in lots of different types one more striking than the other. Some of the most common ones are: Macodes, Anoectochilus, Ludisia, and Dossinia. Their tiny leaves have beautiful almost lightning like patterns.

The leaves of jewel orchids are delicate and can get easily damaged from water sitting on them or direct sun.


Jewel Orchids are not overly fussy about light and can survive in low lights levels, but they will grow best in medium indirect light. Direct sun or too much light will burn the delicate leaves.


Jewel orchids can rot easily so take care not to overwater. Plating them in orchids mix will help with providing an airy substrate to grow in.




Use orchid fertiliser applied during growing months. If you are using a spray fertiliser make sure you don’t spray it on blooms.

Moisture level

These orchid love a bit of humidity (especially when they are tiny). Can be grown in terrariums to provide extra humidity.