Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Family: MoraceaeBotanical name: Ficus lyrata

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A bit dramatic and temperamental, but the Fiddle Leaf Fig is definitely worth the trouble work.

Originally from western Africa, this ficus will make give your space that tropical vibe. The Ficus Lyrata's dark glossy green leaves gives the tree a dramatic structure.


Needs bright indirect light, ideally within 4 feet of a window.

In low light, your ficus will grow small leaves that might drop by the time they mature. Try turning your Fiddle Leaf Fig frequently to keep it from growing toward the light and becoming lop-sided.

Too much bright light will burn the tree's leaves and will causes them to lose their dark green colour.


Water regularly but but do not allow the tree to sit in water as this may lead to root rot.

You will notice that the ficus's leaves will drop and look a bit wilted when it needs a drink.

Moisture level

1 (soil should remain dry 4-5 days)


The Fiddle Leaf Fig will be happy with a slow release or organic fertiliser formulated for houseplants.