Calathea White Fusion Plant Care

Family: MarantaceaeBotanical name: Calathea leitzei ‘Fusion White’

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Calathea White Fusion is one of the most beautiful prayer plant I have come across. The colouring of the leaves are a showstopper with its varied shades of green, white, marble variegation, and soft purple under leaf colour. This Calathea created through mutation was discovered by inventor Taiwan Yam in 2007 at a nursery in Malaysia.

While beautiful this plant it’s not widely available in most countries and tend to be pricey when you do come across them.

If you are lucky enough to add one to your collection, make sure you constantly check your plant for pests as this Calathea is a magnet for spider mites.


Like all plant sporting white through their leaves, this Calathea likes medium to bright indirect light to sustain the beautiful colouring. However, direct sun will burn its dedicated leaves.


Water as per other houseplants when soil is dry. Careful not to overwater or leave the plant sitting in water as this will cause root rot.




Depending on growing environment. Generally speaking plants get fed during growing season (Spring/Summer) but if the environment you are growing your plants isn’t changing (example: temperatures stay up and light levels aren’t dropping) you could technically continue fertilising.

Moisture level

Like most Calatheas this one loves humidity. You can raise humidity with humidifiers or by using terrariums and greenhouses.